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Content Management System


See The Benefits of Content Management:

  • Easy Editing - The ease of WYSIWYG editing allows you to create appealing pages with a professional format. Images, hyperlinks, and tables can effortlessly be included alongside your text. You can change color, fonts, and more on each page. Simply browse your website and make the changes right there. The tool generates the HTML code. However, users can still view and edit the HTML source for complete control of content. Proofing live web content is simple using the editing controls next to each piece of editable content. Changes are made directly on the web page.

  • Libraries - Take advantage of the Web Page library to create, edit, and delete individual web pages on your site. You have the ability to choose from several web page layouts and styles for each page. There's an image library available for you to upload, edit and replace the images on your site, and a navigation library to add and edit items and links placed on your site's navigation menu(s).

  • Fast, Seamless Integration - By using the technology already available to you, updates merge into your existing site flawlessly - most of the time within days.

  • Cost-Effective Solution - By managing your own content, you can reduce your IT costs significantly. Allowing each department to upgrade its own content frees your IT manager for other duties, and outsourcing is not necessary for the majority of your revisions.

  • Updating Your Site is a Team Effort - Each department can create and edit web content without special knowledge of programming languages. This means that those with the most knowledge of the subject will update the content in their field.

  • Security Features - You designate a person or persons in your company to approve all changes to your site. If you like, no changes to your site can be made without this final approval. Your designee will receive an email every time a proposed change is made, thus keeping information flowing smoothly and web content consistent.

  • Grows with You - Our content management tool can meet the needs of your business as it grows.

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