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Kaplan provides strategic, creative, and technological services to businesses making the inevitable jump to eBusiness. We work with you to plan and design a site that makes the most of existing systems while maximizing technological advantages. The result: a seamless experience for you and your customers. Solutions depend on the vision and goals of your organization. We ask the right questions so that the solution we provide focuses on realizing your vision and achieving your goals. Here are just a few popular features we offer:



Live Data Solutions


Live Data means your customers can see and purchase from live inventory information. You can save time and sell more when your customers can see exactly what you have for sale.



User Interactivity


Getting customers to go to your site is nice. Getting them to participate is even better. Don't just let your viewers sit on the sidelines. Get 'em in the game!



Multi Platform Integration


You need a new integrated website and you need to upgrade that old main frame but you don't have money for both. No problem. Kaplan will make them communicate.




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